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Name PM FP Linked
Look Santiago Pascual RocamoraSantiago Pascual Rocamora 0 0
Look Manuel Pascual RocamoraManuel Pascual Rocamora 0 0
Look Lucas Pérez GilLucas Pérez Gil 1 3
Look Carlos González RomeroCarlos González Romero 1 1
Look Beltrán Artiaga VerdúBeltrán Artiaga Verdú 1 0
Look Ian Ayas MorenoIan Ayas Moreno 0 0
Look Paco Martínez AndreuPaco Martínez Andreu 1 0
Look Martín  Peña CasadoMartín Peña Casado 2 1
Look Marcos Delicado ShaparovaMarcos Delicado Shaparova 1 0
Look Marcos Muñoz GamezMarcos Muñoz Gamez 2 1
Look Álvaro Fernández RoblesÁlvaro Fernández Robles 0 0
Look Alejandro Vilchez YearwoodAlejandro Vilchez Yearwood 1 0
Look Jorge Cerdá CerezuelaJorge Cerdá Cerezuela 0 0
Look Jose María San-Matías IbarraJose María San-Matías Ibarra 0 0
Look Pablo Miller RuzPablo Miller Ruz 0 6
Look Jorge Sánchez MarínJorge Sánchez Marín 1 0
Look Nicolás Pérez ValeroNicolás Pérez Valero 0 0
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